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New Ideas Drive Virtual Summit on AgTech Forward

The 3rd annual Virtual Summit on AgTech (VSAT), taking place May 4-6, will bring together some of the most influential individuals and organizations within AgTech for the purpose of accelerating the spread of knowledge, creating new connections, and generating ideas.

Over 900 Attend Tuck’s 2020 Virtual Summit on AgTech

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend life around the world, Tuck’s student-run Virtual Summit on AgTech (VSAT) was timelier than ever this year, sparking new debate about how agriculture and technology can help prevent and mitigate future outbreaks and ensure the safety of the global food supply chain.

Revolutionizing the Way We Eat

Last week, Tuck’s Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital and the Tuck Food and Agriculture Club hosted one of the world’s largest conferences on agtech. We had over 900 attendees from over 40 countries listening to over 65 speakers who are changing how the world eats and produces food.